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Futurocoin (FTO) on New Record High

The price of the Futurocoin (FTO) is soaring up! A few days ago, the price of the Futurocoin was around $4. Today, May 13, 2018, the price went up to $26! This is a price increase of approx. 500%! For a short time, the price even hit a record high of $31.50. No wonder is the new cryptocurrency FTO at the YObit.net exchange already among the Top 10 Currency Pairs! What causes this useful cryptocurrency to hit a record high? It is the high demand and the currrently limited supply of FTO that causes today’s price increase and record high. […]

Bitcoin users

Bitcoin Users Face a Painful Price Decline

This blog post is about the current price decline of the Bitcoin and why it will not recover on the short- and middle-term. The main reason is the diminishing number of Bitcoin users. This blog post contains a list of reasons and in the second part a technical analysis. How Bitcoin users deal with the ruinous price decline. No, I do not want to spread panic. I just list facts that should let us rethink on how we look at Bitcoin. The overall picture of the Bitcoin is dim and dull. Investors should not ignore the negative facts and news […]